Information: FAQ's

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"Does Katie or Chris document the session?

We both enjoy documenting family sessions. Katie generally does more of the sessions, but we both share them. 

"Who does the initial meeting and the ordering session?" 

Chris will be the one to walk through these sessions with you. He is wonderful at hearing your needs and helping you find exactly what you are looking for to preserve your family's legacy. 

"I see you do mostly black and white images. Will all of my images be in black and white or in color."  

We do both black and white as well as color.  

"Do you do slideshows of the pictures set to music?

You can order a slideshow of your images set to music which can be an amazing treasure for years to come. 

"Do most new mother's do sessions every three months for the first year?"  

Yes. Your child will go through many changes in the first year. You'll want to capture each one and those moments of your family together. 

"I am nervous that my baby might be fussy the day of our session, What should I do to make the most out of our time with you?

We suggest scheduling your session around your baby's nap and feeding time. It's best that we arrive after nap time and feeding so your sweet one is full and happy. If he/she gets off of her schedule that morning just give us a call and we'll try to adjust your session time.  

"I get nervous when I am in front of the camera and want to make sure that my baby and I look good. Can you be sure to point out if my hair is messed up or if my shirt is not hanging right?" 

Yes, we understand that you not only want your baby to be looking adorable, but you want to feel confident in how you look too. We'll keep an eye out to make sure you look your best. We encourage you to relax and let us worry about those aspects. You can focus on cuddles and kisses as we want to document that sweet bond between you and your baby.